Home Remodeling in Cochise County, AZ


Sierra Remodeling is our division for handling all of your remodeling needs. Looking to do an upgrade to your house? Maybe you’ve outgrown your living space and wish to expand? Or maybe you are just looking for a simple upgrade of your doors and windows for a more modern appeal? We have an experienced staff that knows how to handle the unusual situations that happen when upgrading an existing home. We also have a large selection of quality doors and windows from brand name manufacturers to update the look of your home.

Sierra Remodeling is the Re-Bath dealer for Cochise and Santa Cruz counties. Click here to visit the official Re-Bath website. We believe bathroom remodeling shouldn’t be a messy, expensive headache. Since 1979, Re-Bath has pioneered an entirely new concept in bathroom remodeling, transforming your old bathroom into an inviting retreat, better and faster than anyone. Revive your old bathroom, and revive your soul.

Why tear-up your home and disrupt your life with weeks of laborers, dust, debris and inconvenience? Re-Bath preserves the tranquility of your home with quiet, clean, quick and affordable remodeling.

Re-Bath presents you with an alternative to worn out bathtubs, outdated tile walls and dingy shower bases. After all, it’s easier to enjoy a long soak or refreshing shower when you’re surrounded by a new bathtub, walls or shower.

All Re-Bath products are made from DuraBath SSP®

  • Solid surface polymer
  • Proprietary and patented material
  • Developed for Re-Bath in conjunction with SPARTECH; the largest polymer corporation in the world
  • Will not dent, crack, chip or peel
  • Highest heat resistance
  • Nonporous surface
  • Highest mold, mildew and bacteria resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Re-Bath also offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY

Once you’ve experienced Re-Bath products and services, you’ll understand how Re-Bath has satisfied over a million customers with their innovative approach to bathroom remodeling.

DuraBath SSP® wall surround systems, bathtubs and shower bases can be installed for thousands less than traditional bath remodeling. Re-Bath bathrooms are easy to clean, look great and are guaranteed to last for years.

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